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Ukraine crisis: World will never be the same again


The West has proved to be a bad loser over Crimea and it has made matters worse for itself and its allies. Barack Obama, Sergey Lavrov, Viktor Yanukovich, Alexander Nekrassov, Xi Jinping, Bashar al Assad, Russia, Ukraine, China, Turkey, United States, Poland, France, Afghanistan, Syria, Italy, Canada, United Kingdom, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Brussels, The Hague, Moscow, Kiev, Beijing, Kabul, Americans, Chernobyl, Washington, European Union, North Atlantic Treaty Organization, G8, G7, UN Security Council, International Monetary Fund, Taliban

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Yanks Were Spying On The French. The French Are Shocked 


Euro2012 Is Boring. Overpaid Players Are Just Not Bothered To Make An Effort

Looking at Euro2012 and concluding that nail biting stuff it ain’t. Pretty boring actually, as the quarter final between Spain and France proved.


More affirmations this weekend that sport is not really something we should be at all proud of a results come in about England football team. The EU is doing surprisingly well and the UK are not doing that well at all after today’s defeat in the Ukraine. It is a sign of the times when penalty shoot outs happen. The spectators get more for their money.

    The clubs pay out more money to the players, the weekly salary justifies the need for great football player in the UK. The UK keeps up-to date with the rest of Europe and the amount they pay footballers. Losing is really boring, no body likes to lose. France a Spain have been doing really well.

     If you like going on vacation and watching football then you should be in the Ukraine right now watching these European football teams play football. England have failed to deliver, lets hope the Olympics is something that makes up for the bad luck in the EU football competition.

     It would have been great to bring a cup or two back from the competition.

     Soon the Olympics will be here and the celebrations can begin again.

     Its great being excited these competitions are exciting, the players are under tremendous pressure to win, that is why they are paid so much. Its difficult when young talented players are put under this type of pressure. That said this type of pressure is the same across the board.

     Without getting on the wrong foot of sportsman both France and Spain deserve some luck, looks like those bailouts will not be going to waste in Spain, Italy, France and other areas of Europe recently mentioned here on Stirring Trouble Internationally. Could there be a direct link between bank bailouts and football results. Who knows. You can find out all about what Stirring Trouble Internationally has to say by going over to Stirring Trouble Internationally.

During these difficult times of disappointment its good to read something special. You can go over and see what is being said this week and next, today though Anton Goryunov writes from Donetsk: I really feel sorry for all those sports commentators and football writers who have to pretend how excited they are with the quality of the games at Euro1202. Is Boring. Overpaid Players Are Just Not Bothered To Make An Effort. via @stirringtrouble #BORING, #EURO2012, #FRANCE, #SPAIN

Flag of Brazil, 1960 - 1968

François Hollande Has An Unexpected Opponent In Next Sunday’s Runoff Elections: His Girlfriend

When love and politics collide, expect sparks to fly. The French President is caught between his present partner and his former love. He has a problem on his hands.

Martin McCauley writes from Paris: “French politicians are known for their tangled love lives and pnd President François Hollande is no exception.”


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Posing Hard Hitting Questions About The French Presidential Elections

Ben Delicious reports from Paris: As the French nation greets the Socialist Party leader, Francoise Hollande, as its new President. Growth not austerity for Europe say’s François Hollande which also means he will tax the rich a little bit more which may mean an influx of people wanting to do business in the United Kingdom.

     Compared to Greece the French are far more optimistic about financial matters. Europe and the Euro appear to be struggling right now. Growth in China is very slow.

     The austerity package is made specifically for supporting the Syiza party, according to the . According to a senior director François Hollande never understood what happened with France in 2007 in the bid to solve the Eurozone crisis a mastermind attempt made with Germany.

      He also thinks highly of a pension scheme and additionally questioned Zorcozys protectionism campaign. The recession has effected 12 of the European countries and all of them are feeling the pinch, the pressure is high on each country. The European union however need to work together and resolve the difficulties.

     Holland is one country which by example is keeping European spirits lifted highly. You could therefore say Holland is very happy with Hollande’s victory.

The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of Jim Bob having read Ben Delicious article over on Stirring Trouble Internationally. And the other sources below.

May 7, 2012 Category: Pardon Me For Asking—france-s-francois-hollande-says-growth-not-austerity-is-the-fix-for-europe-s-debt-woes?

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The Crazy World Of French Presidential Elections. The Far Right And The Far Left Are Toasting Victory.

Have The French Gone Mad? They Are Simply Refusing To Face Reality

The arguement is posed between two trains of thought today, is the source of thinking Greek or French?
Sarkozy, Holland and Melenchon

Sarkozy, Holland and Melenchon
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Have The French Gone Mad? They Are Simply Refusing To Face Reality . 


The Toulouse Butchery Makes Life For The Security Forces Extremely Difficult

The Toulouse Butchery Makes Life For The Security Forces Extremely Difficult


What Lessons Should France Draw From Events In Toulouse? Reconciliation Is In Order

Dave Cameron And Nicolas Sarkozy

Sarkozy shakes hands with Cameron

Dave Cameron And Nicolas Sarkozy Develop A New Personal Closeness 


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